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Princess Megan of Ruttenberg, Duchesse de Franche-Comté, also Princess Megan of Astrana, Duchess of Skalavik. 21, i love concerts, my friends dodge chargers, pepsi, music, and the royals....welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay

im a stomach sleeper, my dogs a cuddler, he slept on my back most of the night, all 90 pounds of him, he must have been on a nerve or something because now every time i try to stand up im like a baby horse that doesnt know what the fuck legs are 


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Can we make sets for non houseblog posted events, an just not have them judged by the RFFP?

I mean we can’t stop you but honestly we ask that you not because the goal of these rules is to stop people from making events with out approval from their respective house. I know some people won’t like it but for the rffp and the houses to start running efficiently again and for the houses to have better communication it is very important. The disorganization and eventual chaos is avoidable and I think that the heads of the houses and the rffp will 100% agree with me that we only have so much energy to deal with the nonsense. It’s the main reason why we’ve been on hiatus. 

ive liked the non judged events recently. it just seems more fun sometimes. when i make sets its like “well, im basically the helena bonham carter of the group so what i like together no one else will meaning it will get a poor judging or just passed over all together”. i like every now and then seeing posts like “hey, this person kinda wants to do a thing, you can make a set if you want, its not gonna be judged its just fun, oh and its in 2 days”, or that time that juani did a live stream and he was like “omg everyone watching go to polyvore and make the most ratchet pajama set you can and post it”. i think the fashion police and that blog are great and i love the houses, but every now and then a break and a little bit of chaos is fun too. 



would you rather have no internet connection or no friends


if i had no internet connection I’d have no friends

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basically my life can be summed up in alternating periods of Linda Belcher’s “Alriiiiight!” and Bob Belcher’s “Oh my god”

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  • me in class: wait what happened
  • me in class: what do we do
  • me in class: what do we write
  • me in class: when's the test
  • me in class: what is this
  • me in class: how do you do this
  • me in class: what

"im bringin the party to you" "i dont see how thats a party" "dr. banner, now might be a really good time for you to get angry" "thats my secret captain, im always angry"